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BBC on-line Collection “Witnessing the Holocaust”

This online BBC archive “Witnessing the Holocaust: Personal Accounts of a Crime – Against Humanity” includes radio and television programs from 1945-2005 and documents from 1942-1945, that reveal the horrors and aftermath of the Holocaust.
Article derived from partner website “Lernen aus der Geschichte”.


These programmes and documents chart the reactions and personal testimonies of some of those who witnessed the Nazis’ “Final Solution”. Interviews, journals and documentaries starkly convey the realities of the camps. Survivors recount their experiences of the genocide and its continuing legacy.

Visitors interested in listening to or watching video or audio programs can scroll down the page to view the 17 programs available. The programs with a blue speaker icon next to the title denote a radio program, and those with a right-facing arrow next to the title indicate that there is a video available.

Each program is accompanied by a written synopsis of the program, as well as a section entitled “Did You Know?” that has little known facts pertaining to the subject of the program. The radio programs range from a 1945 four-minute broadcast from a Canadian reporter entitled “Gestapo in Holland”, to an almost hour-long 2003 broadcast called “Marianne Grant”, about the artist’s heart-wrenching story of having to paint for Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz.

The video programs include a 1989 interview with “Simon Wiesenthal” as well as a 2005 broadcast, “Grandchild of the Holocaust”, about a grandson and his grandmother who was the only Holocaust survivor of her family. This collection also illustrates the shock felt by the liberators and how the atrocities were revealed by UK broadcasters.

The podcasts are from BBC. To the podcasts from the BBC.


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