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The website "Learning from History" is a publication platform for educational projects dedicated to the history of Poland and its neighbors in the 20th century and human rights

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Polish-Jewish relationships



„Chejt” – a fictionalised interactive documentary about the destructive power of ideology

author Krzysztof Wargenau, Leszek Nurzyński, Rafał Borowy 

„Chejt” [phonetically hate] is a fictionalised interactive documentary about the destructive power of ideology. It presents the history of a small town Mordy from the perspective of Henryk Przewłocki – a landlord, main character and narrator. We get to know him in 1939 at the beginning of World War II. Despite the danger Przewłocki decides […]


Case study of Interactive Filmproject Przejdź do historii

author Andżelika Cebula, Krzysztof Jastrząb, Miguel Nieto, Michał Szymański 

FilmHack FilmHack (23-30.05.2020) was the first online film hackathon organized in Poland, the aim of which is to develop the concept of an interactive educational film about the Polish-Jewish community before the war, based on the fate of the inhabitants of a small town in the Siedlce poviat – Mordów. The organizer of the Hackathon […]


Description of the concept of the interactive historic film Nina_theotherstory


The authors of the concept are the Cewet Tov group, meaning „good team” in Hebrew. The group consists of: Ewa Jarosz – script, visual concept, decision tree, Jacek Kadaj – visual + interactive concept, mock-up, Iga Łapińska – script, visual concept, Nina Karolina Nowakowska – script, visual concept + interactive, individual interviews with users. Nina_theotherstory […]



To be a Jewish teenager in Poland


The Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe provides students and pedagogues with comprehensive material about the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe. Besides alphabetically arranged articles one has access to almost 1500 pictures, audio and video documents, 60 different maps and almost 200 scanned original documents (esp. letters, postcards and poems).
Article derived from partner website “Lernen aus der Geschichte”.